Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance effectively groups a set of individual policies together into one premium, often with a discount for buying all the policies at the same time. It provides family medical insurance for all named family members, including child health insurance for your children.

What does family health insurance cover?

Naturally, you want the best care that you can afford for all members of your family, and you do not want them to have to wait for treatment on a long NHS waiting list. You also want your family to enjoy the best possible care and facilities while they are in hospital, and the best aftercare to promote a swift recovery. Family health insurance is the ideal way to provide all of this and more.

As with all private medical insurance, family health insurance covers private treatment for acute conditions at a time and place chosen by you. The extent of conditions covered and the choice of facilities available to you will vary depending on the family health insurance policy you choose. However, most policies will cover all in-patient services, including surgery, medical treatment and hospital stays.

Why choose family medical insurance?

While it is easy to see the benefits of health insurance for the main family breadwinner, or the main childcare provider, the benefits of providing family health insurance for the whole family can be less obvious but include:

  • Added convenience for parents: This is one of the biggest benefits of family health insurance, allowing you to plan appointments, treatment and hospital stays around your business schedule, so that you are free to give your child the care and support they need without worrying about missing work.
  • Reducing missed time at school: Family medical insurance also allows you to schedule appointments, treatment and care around the demands of school, avoiding exams and other important occasions, and fitting into school holidays whenever possible. With GCSE exams now covering the whole of years 10 and 11, careful scheduling of absence is more important than ever for teenage children.
  • Greater choice for you and your child: A final advantage of family health insurance is the ability to choose the hospital where treatment takes place. Young children need a great deal of support during the trauma of a hospital stay, so it is important that the hospital is close by and convenient. Family health insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing your children will get prompt treatment at the hospital of your choice.

Choosing your family health insurance

At Health Insurance Solutions UK, we understand that you want to provide the best possible care for your family within the budget that you have available. That’s why we search through hundreds of different policies to find you the best possible family health insurance deal, giving you the highest quality cover for your loved ones at the lowest possible price.