Business Health Insurance

Many charities, not-for-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) buy a group health insurance policy to cover all the personnel in their organisation. This not only provides an incentive to staff by way of an improved benefits package, it also ensures that sick days are kept to a minimum and helps keep down the running costs.


The CIPD Absence Management Annual Survey Report 201 showed that an average of 7.7 sick days is taken per person every year, costing employers over £600 per employee. Clearly any cost involved in a group medical insurance policy that reduces this figure for non-profit organisations is a worthwhile investment.

Who does group health insurance cover?

Group health insurance covers all named individuals within the group. These can be employees of a company, butgroup medical insurance policies can also be bought by professional associations, clubs and societies, which can then give members access to lower cost health insurance than they would be able to get individually. Group health insurance policies, available through professional associations, are an ideal way for self employed people and freelancers to get this kind of cover.

Where group health insurance is provided by a company, it may be given away as part of the benefits package, or access to the group health insurance may be voluntary as it involves a part or full contribution by the employee. However, even where the employee pays the full cost of membership of a group medical insurance scheme, it will still represent good value, as it will be far cheaper than buying personal private health insurance.

Benefits of group medical insurance

Primarily, group medical insurance is a cost effective way for organisations to protect the health of their workforce, cut absence through illness and ensure key staff can have access to treatment at times that fit in with the business operations.

Group health insurance also provides a secondary role in enhancing the benefits package for staff. This not only helps with retention of key staff, but also gives organisations the edge in attracting the best new staff in a competitive market. This can be important as employees of non-profit organisations can have substantially lower salaries compared to the commercial sector. With ever increasing pressure on the NHS budgets, group health insurance is often an important element in creating an appealing remuneration deal for health professionals in the UK.

Finding the best group health insurance deal

In the current economic climate, every penny counts for the many charities and fundraising organisations across the UK. That’s why it is vital to get the best possible group health insurance deal. However, few have the time or resources to gather the numerous quotes needed for comparison.

By using an independent insurance broker, such as Health Insurance Solutions UK, organisations of all types can be assured of finding the best deals available from hundreds of leading insurers, to make their group health insurance as efficient and cost effective as possible.